Hello, as you will have gathered my name is Iain. I am a full time working photographer with many years of experience. Although I did Art and Design at college my skills with a paintbrush were never that good, so I turned to photography to release my creative desires. A former member of the British Institute of Professional Photography at Associate level and a fine institute it is. However there were constraints and I couldn't find the outlets for my work through them so chose to walk my own path. My work was based around fashion, model portfolios and portraits. However that seems to be taking a back seat theses days now that I am semi retired. I have a huge love for Black and white images and I find myself doing more and more. Colour is almost confined to Abstract (Isolation/Extraction) and Art prints based around Pastel, Watercolour, Inks and Multimedia. Though I work through various galleries and agencies you may buy work direct from me, just give me a call or email me for details. Prices start as low as £15.00 and go up to £300. It depends on size, quality and limited runs, and there is P+P to be added. Tutorial days are a joy to me, working on a one to one basis with people who want to learn about photography, Talking and doing photography all day with people who are keen and eager, it's just a buzz.

Regards Iain C