Hello and welcome, as you will have gathered my name is Iain. and I am now semi-retired from my work as a full-time photographer (apart from fine art Prints). Although I did Art and Design at college my skills with a paintbrush were never that good, so I turned to photography to release my creative desires.
. My work has been based around fashion, model portfolios, and portraits, but most of that seems to be taking a back seat these days. Now I am happy doing my own projects. I am a former member of The British Institute of Professional Photographers and The Guild of Photographers, both fine institutes and I suggest you join one or the other if you have professional aspirations.  I have a huge love for monochrome images, however, colourwork has taken on a new lease of life for me since I changed my Cameras and lenses. I have been a Nikon user for many years, they have served me well but I got fed up with lugging all the kit around. I changed to the Fuji X system and I can now stand upright again. They are a joy to work with being a little retro in style adds to their appeal. plus they are made of metal and feel engineered. Though I sell fine art photographs through various galleries and agencies you may buy work directly from me, just give me a call or email me for details. Prices start at £195.00 and go up to £995. It depends on size, number amount in limited runs, 1/10, 1/20, and 1/30. All are Giclee on 315-gram  archival art paper, signed and with a certificate of authenticity. 


Regards Iain C.